Owner Financed Apartment Buildings

Owner Financed Apartment Buildings

Have you heard of Mailbox Money? It is money that just shows up every month in your mail.   If you have been searching for owner financed investment property you’ve come to the right place.Owner Financed Apartment Buildings in Austin

The Trolly Team is a seasoned group of realtors that have many years of real estate investing and rehab experience.  Owner financed apartment buildings are starting to show up on the market and we can help you evaluate the deal for cash flow and potential rehab costs that may be coming.

We love mailbox money and we seek clients that love it to!   For all investment properties we look at, we provide you with a cash flow analysis that includes common owner finance terms.

Cash Flow Calculation for Owner Financed Apartment Buildings & Properties Will Include:

  • Owner Financing Loan payment
  • Insurance
  • Management fee (someone else to deal with leasing and collecting rent)
  • Taxes
  • Allowance for repairs and maintenance

The balance will be the your cash flow check that will head straight your mailbox!

Austin investment property has held strong during the real estate down turn.  Investors from oversees and outside of Texas are coming to Austin to buy investment property.  If you’ve been wanting to add cash flow to your current income and a strong financial asset to your future, duplexes, four-plexes and apartment buildings are a great way to make that happen.

The Trolly Team can negotiate awesome owner financing terms for your apartment building or any cash flowing rental units.  It is well negotiated terms that will ensure your cash flow stays strong.  Please give us the opportunity to help build your investing portfolio.

Give our office a call 512-554-1946 and let us get to work finding you the owner financed apartment buildings you seek!